Incheon Airport becomes one of the global economic centers through creating business opportunity among airport related industries such as tourism, cargo and freight transportation, and aviation industries.
* Airport Economic Zone : the concept of Economic Zone which is a economy and society based on Airport through attracting various airport-related industries such as tourism, cargo, and MRO.
TOURISM | Integrated Tourism Complex such as Integrated Resorts with casino and marine leisure industries
Cargo | A Global Air Cargo Hub in NEA with network, infrastructure and incentives of Incheon Airport Aviation industries
MRO | A Global MRO Cluster with demand of NEA, excellent manpower of Korea, infrastructure and support of Incheon Airport.

The Excellent Location as the hub of Northeast Asia

The location at the center of NEA's economy is a advantage for the companies to respond changes of Asian Market

The Aviation & Maritime Network

Global networks of airport and port will be the advantage to global market advance

Excellent manpower from Korea

Plenty of Excellent human resources trained at the world-renowned unversities and colleges in Korea

Business Friendly Environment

Incheon Free Economic zone supports investers and companies with support servcies and various incentives

The Best Investment Environment

1) The Best Global Investment Hub

Lying at the heart of Northeast Asia, which takes up about 25% of global GDP, south Korea is the best global business hub that has 498 million consumers in its 61 cities within a radius of 2,000 km.

2) The Best Business Environment

South Korea was ranked the 5th in the World Business Environment Survey in 2019(World Bank). The country creates a better business-friendly environment, remaining among the top 5 for 6 straight years since 2014. Moreover, the excellent infrastructures of Korea provide the best business environment such as the reasonably priced and stable power supply, water supply, and high-speed telecommunications network of Korea.

3) A Country that Boasts a world-class innovation infrastructure

South Korea has been top-ranked in Bloomberg Innovation Index in 2019 for the sixth consecutive year. As a pioneer of ICT, South Korea came in second of all 176 countries in the annual ICT Development Index. South Korea's ICT innovation competene increases its industrial value in various areas.

The Best Investment Partner

The global leading airport, Incheon Airport will be your best business partner with an excellent airport operating ability, honors from world, and record achievements in air transport.

1) A global leading airport with an excellent airport operating ability

(1) CAT Ⅲb Asia's first runway that gets highest performance grade
(2) 170,000 hours Uninterrupted operation of navigation safety facilities(2019)
(3) 4.55 million flights Zero accidents in aircraft operation achieved(2020)
(4) Zero errors achieved Navitation control system

2) A Global AIrport also Recognized with Honors

(1) The first Airport Health Accreditation(AHA) in APAC by Airport Council Internationl(ACI)
(2) Asia's Best Airport_ Global Traveler(GT)
(3) Asia's Best Cargo AIrport_ Aisa Cargo News
(4) World's Best Transit AIrport for 6 consecutive years_Skytrax
(5) World's Best Airport Duty Free SHop for 9 Consecutive years _ APAC edition of Business Traveler

3) Record Achivements in Air Transport

Passengers and Cargo in 2019
Northeast Asia's Largets network that has served over 70 million
passengers for a year international flights

(1) 154 routes Northeast Asia's largetst pool of international air routes
(2) 400,000 flights International flights
(3) 8.39 mil. passengers Transit passengers
(4) 70 mil. passengers International passengers
(5) 2.76 mil. tons (world's 3rd in handling internaitonal air cargo)

4) the global network of Northeast Asia's hub airport

52 Countries | 88 Airlines | 173 Cities

Video of IAEZ

Begin Your Journey to Success(IIAC, 2021)
Incheon Airport begins the journey to success with partners in Incheon Airport Economic Zone.